Sunday, August 3, 2014


Trakia Brand Porous Akitma Recipe

Nowadays, I see some recipes for akitma which are describing crepe. In real akitma no eggs are used.

Porous akitma is a practical food. You can put anything you desire in the roll to obtain different tastes. It can be made easily by students, and singles. 

Ingredients :
1 pk active dry yeast  
1 spoonfull salt (appr. 5-6gr)
3 glasses of flour (appr. 300 gr) 
3 glasses of water (appr. 600 ml)

Firstly, put dry yeast and a small amount of sugar in a glass. Then, add some warm water on top of it and wait for yeast to bubble up.

When yeast mixture is ready, pour it into a large pot. Add some more water to the glass in order to clean the remaining of yeast in it, then add it to the pot. Add some more warm water and salt, then, while stirring, pour flour in small bits into the pot. Stirring must be continuous. When you obtain a slowly flowing mixture, close on top of the pot and wait for one hour for rising of the bubling mixture. 

After rising of the mixture, put a convenient pot on top of fire.

Pour the mixture on hot pot and make it to cover the bottom of the pot homogenously. In order to distribute the mixture smoothly, make small movements. Normally a  full ladle is eneough to make a smooth layer on the bottom of the pot. 

Bottom of the akitma is smooth, and on top it, the surface have some pores.  

When akitma is cooked, the rear parts are separated from the pan spontaneously. Hold akitma from that part, and make it upside down. When both sides are ready, remove it to a plate, and pour a new layer on the pot. While waiting the bottom side of akitma to be cooked, put some herbs, cheese, or what you want on top of the akitma on the plate, then roll it.

If you like, you can put some butter on top of akitma before putting herbs, etc. Children also like akitma with sugar.

Also, you can prepare a mixture with onion, chopped meat, and tomato paste. You can prepare it before starting cooking akitma in a small pot.

However you can put almost anything you want into the roll of porous akitma. Cheese, quark chees (lor), green cheese (kesik), green herbs...

Porous akıtma, must be eaten before getting cold.

Bon appetite!

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Turkish Food Recipes In English

In this blog, I will try to give you some examples from the Turkish Cuisine.
Also, I will give some details about the restaurants in Istanbul which might be preferred.
Please follow me.

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